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    The Dogears Bookshop

    Based in Margao, Goa (India), we are small as bookshops go. However, we have assembled a delightful selection of books, for readers of all ages, and we hope that our customers will drop by, see how our tastes can align, and let us help them find new titles to choose from. When we started in April 2016, we did so as a children’s bookstore, with a carefully curated section of books on Goa, but today we also have a large collection of books in Konkani (Goa’s state language), and a huge stock of second-hand (pre-loved!) books that caters to readers who especially enjoy popular fiction. We have ample space for you to lounge and read a book, in as calm an atmosphere as we can provide, and we hope you will do just that. We organize events too, like author meets, movie screenings, children’s workshops, and we serve delicious coffee.


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      Children’s books, books in Konkani, books on Goa, graphic books, translations, other selected fiction and non-fiction.

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